Competence Assessment

How can you be effective in a globalized world?

Intercultural effectiveness is crucial in today’s globalized world.

How can individuals and teams better connect to others, how can they increase their performance, and how can they find more enjoyment in their intercultural interaction?

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Intercultural Readiness Check

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) is a valid and reliable intercultural assessment instrument. Feedback on your IRC results offers you numerous insights and suggestions for becoming more effective across cultures.


How actively are you interested in other people and their cultural backgrounds?


How effectively do you adjust your communication style to meet the needs of people in a culturally diverse work setting?


How much do you invest into building culturally diverse networks?


How effectively do you use cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation?

Tested for its reliability and validity by cross-cultural psychologists, the Intercultural Readiness Check has been used by more than 70,000 people worldwide. The IRC feedback report is unique in the insights and suggestions for developments it offers. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Dutch and French.

“Even if you are not working in an intercultural context, you will find that the competences described here are essential for executives and teams to turn the challenges of their complex and changing business context into opportunities for innovation.”
Roger D. Lehman, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family, Enterprise, INSEAD