Differences Surprise Us. They Challenge Us. They Revive Us.

What we do





Our team

Our trainers and coaches contribute based on their unique experience of cultures and countries. They all know what it means to stand out, to face change and to reinvent yourself. Their personal and professional experience guides them when supporting our clients, and whether they are working alone or together, they always bring energy and empathy.

Our commitment to development

We create opportunities for professionals to get certified for the Intercultural Readiness Check, and to meet up regularly for shared learning events. We do research, publish, present at conferences and engage in intercultural networks. This reflects our conviction that intercultural coaching, training and consulting is highly complex and demanding, and requires continuous professional development of those delivering it.

The Improvers

Meet the people of the IBI Team

Ursula Brinkmann, PhD

Co-Founder and Research Director

Oscar van Weerdenburg

Founder and Managing Director

Yvonne van der Pol

Director Blended Learning and senior intercultural consultant

Tao Yue

Intercultural trainer, business storyteller, and novelist

Jackie van der Kroft

Intercultural trainer and facilitator

Rika Asoka

IRC Representative for Australia and Asia and intercultural consultant

Antonie Knoppers

Trainer/coach and Actor