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When you relocate to a new country, you will wonder: Will I succeed in my new role? Will the children adjust? Will my partner be happy? Our expatriate coaching helps expatriates and their partners to anticipate the transition, and to get ready to go and grow. Take the quiz to explore how you can benefit from our expatriate coaching.


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We help expatriates and their partners understand how their lives are going to change, and to prepare for these changes. We offer personality assessment so they can understand how stress affects them, prepare for the most stressful periods, and support each other. We offer competence assessment so they can be effective abroad and use the assignment for personal and professional growth. We help expatriates and their partners be ready to go and grow.

Expatriate Coaching For Our Clients

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

For many years, we have been providing intercultural competency assessment and expatriate coaching to DEG expatriates and their partners, supporting them to succeed in easy and in challenging areas of the world. DEG is the German development finance institution.


A rapidly growing IT company, Asurion expats need to get ready swiftly and efficiently. For the past 10 years, we have integrated personality and competence assessment, phone feedback sessions, and time-sensitive country coaching by our world-wide team of country experts.


Our expatriate coaching for Asia has helped senior professionals to understand and manage the challenges they face prior to, and during a project with key clients.

Border Crossing

We have coached more than 200 Dutch managers for their work in Germany and German managers for their stay in the Netherlands.