The more tools we have for connecting, the more distracted we get. We just started a good conversation, and the phone rings. We almost finished that brilliant thought, and a WhatsApp message plops up. Just a sec to reply to that email, but whoosh, another newsletter pops up on screen.

It’s getting increasingly hard to focus.

That is one reason why we developed the IRC Learning Journal. The IRC Learning Journal helps you to select and prioritize: Which step do you want to take today to become interculturally more effective?

The second reason for developing the IRC Learning Journal is curiosity. We’re 30 years into globalization. What did you learn? What works, what doesn’t? With the IRC Learning Journal, we invite you to share with us your insights into becoming more effective in intercultural interactions.

With just a few weeks running, we already have a stunning collection of recommendations. Here’s a short list of three:

  1. Reflect on your own strength and weaknesses. Set goals for yourself.
  2. Respect different views, yet don’t focus on clashing differences for too long. Instead find something that connects you.
  3. Imagine having to explain to a friend what the foreigner thinks, that way you’ll listen to the foreigner rather than judge him or her.

The IRC Learning Journal is the one essential companion to your Intercultural Readiness profile.

How does the IRC Learning Journal work?

You first complete the Intercultural Readiness Check as part of the intercultural program you have joined. You receive an in-depth report with our professional advice on how you can strengthen the four IRC competences and their eight facets. Per facet, you learn about your potential pitfalls, and receive tips for developing the facet. At the end of the report, you find the link to your IRC Learning Journal.

The IRC Learning Journal is both a refresher and a guide through your results.

  • What do you want to improve first? Which IRC recommendations work best for you?
  • What are you good at already? Look at your intercultural skill set and let others know about the IRC recommendations you like best.

The IRC Learning Journal is also a platform for exchange.

As you complete the Journal, you can read and rank the tips others have given.

And you can leave your Top Tip for reaching intercultural excellence.

Then you click on a button and you receive, as by magic, your unique IRC development plan – your very personal, two-page IRC Learning Journal Handout.

Interested? Contact us We look forward to hearing from you.