Sylla Pahladsingh

Leadership Trainer and Facilitator

Knowing first-hand what it means to relocate as a family, Sylla uses her personal experience and professional training to prepare expatriates and their families for their time abroad.


Born to a Dutch mother and Surinamese Indian father, Sylla was raised in the Netherlands. She holds an MSc in Management of Knowledge Systems and Behavioural Change and an MSc in Tropical Engineering from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

After graduation, Sylla lived and worked as a learning and knowledge consultant in pro-poor educational programs, community development, and rural innovation for 16 years in respectively Kenya, Bhutan, Vietnam, and the USA. Upon return in the Netherlands, she started working as a trainer and facilitator of global leadership programmes.

She currently resides in the Netherlands and Tanzania.

Leadership Trainer and Facilitator

Sylla has 25+ years of international leadership and management experience as a trainer, facilitator, and coach. Working in Asia and Africa has convinced her of the strategic importance of intercultural competences.

Over the years, her focus increasingly shifted towards strengthening people’s skills in this area. Most of her current projects involve topics related to organisational, team and personal effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, interactive facilitation skills. She works with both the private, public and non-profit sector.

She is the co-author of the book ‘The 8 Great Beacons of Cultural Awareness, navigating the cultural landscape.’