Team Development

What Happens In Your Team When You Pay Attention To Differences?

You must have heard a lot about how diversity benefits a team. Magazines like Forbes and Harvard Business Review have been singing its praise for years; and business books celebrate diversity as the start of a never-ending buzz of creative cooperation.

You work with people from around the globe. Every day. Skyping, zooming, teaming, performing. How diverse is your team? Does your team benefit from its diversity – taking better decisions and being more innovative than teams that are less diverse? With our Team Readiness approach, teams discover the cultural skills they already have and how to use these skills for enhanced performance. Teams also discover which skills they are still missing and how to develop these to be better team members. Could you achieve more together, and make your differences essential for performance? At IBI we can help you at every step along the way. Avoid the pitfalls. Enjoy performance. Diversity in your team can spark vibrant, creative cooperation.

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RWE and Essent

When these two energy companies got together, IBI helped their integration teams to appreciate each other’s cultural logics around planning and power, meetings and decision-making, business communication and relationship building.

Airline Industry

We have helped dozens of teams to understand and work with their differences: language, culture, nationality, seniority, company origin and location. In just two days, team members strengthened their relationships, even across distances. Energized and confident, team members were ready to work and innovate together.

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are working with teams at embassies and consulates across Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Mindful preparation and follow-up, thoughtful selection of trainers, reliable readiness assessment and skillful program design have strengthened teams on every continent.

Team Readiness

We have the knowhow and the skills, the tools and the trainers to get your teams ready for difference.