by Ursula Brinkmann and Oscar van Weerdenburg

Why invest into the Intercultural Readiness Check?

Do you work across cultural and national boundaries? With the IRC, you can assess and develop your intercultural skill set, and get ready for your tough and challenging global work/life.

Do you work as an intercultural practitioner? With the IRC, you can support your clients to become more effective across cultures by assessing and developing their intercultural competencies.

Delighted to see the IRC rated as best in class right from the start (Wiersinga, ITIM, 2001), we never stopped improving it.

We’ve called in the help of tough statistical wizards to analyse the IRC database and monitor the quality that we promise our clients. The IRC of today is based on a massive analysis of data from 13,000 respondents, with sophisticated checks and double checks.

We’ve contacted cool designers who gave the IRC that special look and feel that makes learning fun, and who make all our learning materials rival the good looks of the IRC profiles.

We’ve invested into an online dashboard that makes it easy for you to access the tool, generate feedback and monitor your client groups. Your data is in good hands: Contact us for our data protection measures in line with Germany’s requirements for Technical and Operational Measures (TOMs).

We’ve brought together teams of trained translators, native speakers and intercultural and HR professionals for high quality translations into eight languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

As a result, more than 70,000 respondents from all over the world have used the IRC to discover their intercultural competencies and develop them to be more effective in their jobs. Their answers make the IRC database one of the richest sources of information on intercultural competences world-wide.

In 2014, we published our insights, ideas, and concepts in Brinkmann/van Weerdenburg: Intercultural Readiness: Four competences for working across cultures (London: Palgrave).

To serve a global client base, we need a global network. In recognition of her contributions to the field and the global network of intercultural professionals Dr Ursula Brinkmann was awarded the Margaret D Pusch Founder Award by SIETAR USA in 2016.

From Sydney to Singapore, from Portland to Perth, from Tokyo to Tilburg, more than 600 IRC certified professionals use the IRC to support their clients. We encourage them to network, cooperate and form mixed teams that can serve a global client base.

Just like you, we can only stay happy if we stay curious. We continue to dig deeper, to support research with the IRC database, and to learn from the conversations we have with our clients and colleagues.

Join us and get certified for the Intercultural Readiness Check. Get in touch via