Understanding the Dutch

Your first experiences with the Dutch culture may confront you with some puzzling paradoxes.

Be successful but don’t show it. Everybody is equal but people celebrate the monarchy. Be direct but make everybody feel appreciated. By participating in this training, you will enhance your cultural awareness and strengthen the intercultural competencies that you need to succeed in the Dutch business culture and to deal with the social aspects of life.

Start date: Anytime  |  For whom: International employees working in the Netherlands

Participants feedback


Active participation

I could actively participate and ask questions



I can put the suggestions, and my insights and ideas into practice


Quality of the Trainers

The trainers helped me achieve my learning goals



I recommend other expatriates to join the program


I better understand the intercultural aspects of living and working in the Netherlands

Learning goals

Cultural awareness

You will become more aware of your cultural background and preferences. You will discover different perspectives on culture, helping you to understand how your own cultural background may have influenced your perception of and experience with other cultures.

Intercultural competencies

Which intercultural competencies can you already rely on, which competencies can you now further develop? You will have the opportunity to complete our Intercultural Readiness Check, a self-assessment questionnaire designed to help you be more effective across cultural boundaries. You will receive an in-depth profile with numerous tips for using and developing four vital competencies: Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Building Commitment and Managing Uncertainty.

The cultural transition process

You will develop personal strategies for dealing with transitioning into the new country and culture. We will address topics like culture shock, changes in routines, relations and roles, and the need to manage energy levels throughout the transition.

Understanding new patterns of behaviour

Our intercultural professionals will invite you to reflect about rituals and routines, customs and communication styles, beliefs, values, and unspoken assumptions that together have been shaping everyday interactions in the Netherlands.

Dutch business culture

Dutch business culture is informal and complicated. When do you call your boss by her first name – and when should you be more formal? How do you give instructions and feedback, when should you be direct – and when not? You will learn about hierarchy and teamwork in Dutch organizations, networking and negotiating, meetings and managing, and how to build consensus and commitment.

Training structure



1 hour self pacedonline training

One-day interactive group training by open registration @ Intercultural Business Improvement.
Two half-day online sessions when off-line delivery is not feasible

A two-hour online review session, three to six months after the group training


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What our clients say about us

The training surpassed my expectations!

Very focused and room to follow the needs of us as participants

VERY useful tips. Not your standard talk

I am very impressed with the trainer and planning. Thanks 100%

Very valuable. A Must!

Dutch and Germans are neighbours and yet so different. And all of us are working in an international context. In this globalized world, we just have to understand each other – it’s key. What’s my style of leadership, how can I fine-tune it to meet the needs of my culturally diverse team? In this process, I’ve found IBI’s support particularly helpful.

Joost Vliegen
Managing Director GEA Dutch Holding b.v.

I am continually amazed by how much can be achieved by IBI in coaching and training sessions on specific cultures.

Sundae Schneider-Bean
Swiss Post