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Understanding the Dutch

International employees working in the Netherlands

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Your first experiences with the Dutch culture may confront you with some puzzling paradoxes. Be successful but don’t show it. Everybody is equal but people celebrate the monarchy. Be direct but make everybody feel appreciated. By participating in this training, you will enhance your cultural awareness and strengthen the intercultural competencies that you need to succeed in the Dutch business culture and to deal with the social aspects of life.

Expatriate programs

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When you relocate to a new country, you will wonder: Will I succeed in my new role? Will the children adjust? Will my partner be happy? Our expatriate coaching helps expatriates and their partners to anticipate the transition, and to get ready to go and grow.

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University of Amsterdam

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The UvA Academy’s open programme on Diversity and Inclusion, helps develop an inclusive organisation that benefits from diversity. We contribute to this programme by offering insights into inclusive communication: What is needed, why it’s needed, and why communicating inclusively can be so difficult

Airline Industry

Design and delivery of post-merger integration programmes

IBI designed and delivered four integration programmes. In the first programme, we combined training, competence assessment and coaching with bi-annual networking events for over 180 managers from all levels of the organisation. For three days in a row, managers of all backgrounds and degrees of experience learned together, networking and helping each other across country and company boundaries. The program was so successful that we were immediately asked to design and deliver three additional integration programs.

RWE and Essent

Supporting Dutch-German integration teams

When these two energy companies got together, IBI helped their integration teams to appreciate each other’s cultural logics around planning and power, meetings and decision-making, business communication and relationship building.

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Supporting expatriates and partners

For many years, we have been providing intercultural competency assessment and expatriate coaching to DEG expatriates and their partners, supporting them to succeed in easy and in challenging areas of the world. DEG is the German development finance institution.

Siemens Nederland NV

Working with key clients in Asia

Multiple business travelers and expatriates of Siemens Nederland NV focus entirely on key clients in Asia. Our expatriate coaching and country preparation has helped them to manage these vital client relationships effectively and constructively.


Expatriate coaching and country preparation

Working for this rapidly growing IT company, expatriates need to get ready swiftly and efficiently. For the past 10 years, we have integrated personality and intercultural competency assessment, online feedback by a senior IRC consultant and time-sensitive country coaching by our world-wide team of country experts.

Airline Industry

Team Readiness programmes for teams facing multiple fault-lines

We have helped dozens of teams to face a conspiracy of differences: language, culture, nationality, seniority, company origin and location. In just two days, we have helped team members develop strong relationships based on bonding and bridging. Stunned but re-energized, team members were ready to work and innovate together.

In today’s connected world, cooperating with people from other cultures is key to success.

Our Readiness programs will support you and your organization to develop the competencies you need to succeed.

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