Expatriate Coaching

Living and Working Abroad: A program for expatriates and their families

Moving abroad is so exciting. But it comes with countless challenges: new position, new home, new culture, new routines. Our programs will support you, and those who will join you, to prepare for the transition. You will better understand cultural differences and the adjustment ahead of you. You will strengthen key cultural competencies for succeeding in the new business culture and for dealing with the social aspects of life. Get ready to go and grow!

Start date: Anytime  |  For whom: Expatriates who want to prepare for their assignment abroad, alone or with partner and family

Feedback from our participants



Preparation and logistics went smoothly


Active participation

I could actively participate and ask questions



I recommend other expatriates to join the program 91%


Insights gained

I better understand the changes ahead of us that come with moving to a different country


I better understand the intercultural aspects of working in the new country

What our clients say about us

A very inspiring day!

A very nice course to take part in before a placement, it is important to make space for this together.

Great to gain insight into all the steps of change and go home with concrete goals/plans.

I am very impressed with the trainer and planning. Thanks 100%.

I am continually amazed by how much can be achieved by IBI in coaching and training sessions on specific cultures.

Amazing course with all of the aspects we had hoped for.

Learning goals

Cultural awareness

You will become more aware of your own cultural background, needs and preferences. How have you been influenced by your cultural background, and how will this influence your ability to connect to new people in the host culture, to perform at your job, and to enjoy your new life?

Understanding new patterns of behaviour

We will select among from our world-wide network the intercultural professionals whose expertise matches your specific needs. They will invite you to reflect about rituals and routines, customs and communication styles, beliefs, values, and unspoken assumptions that together have been shaping everyday interactions in your country of relocation.

Business culture

Each business culture is full of subtle details. When should you be more formal? How do you give instructions and feedback, when should you be direct – and when not? How will you need to arrive at a decision and reach agreements? You will learn about hierarchy and teamwork, networking and negotiating, meetings and managing, and how to build consensus and commitment.

Intercultural competencies

Intercultural competencies will help you to deal with cultural and organizational differences. Which intercultural competencies can you already rely on, which competencies can you finally further develop? You will have the opportunity to complete our Intercultural Readiness Check, a renowned self-assessment questionnaire designed to help you be more effective across cultural boundaries. You will receive an in-depth profile with numerous tips for using and developing four vital competencies: Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Building Commitment and Managing Uncertainty.

The cultural transition process

How will the transition affect you, your partner and children, and how can you all get ready for the move ahead? You will develop personal strategies for dealing with transitioning into the new country and culture. We will address topics like adjustment, changes in routines, relations and roles, and the need to manage energy levels throughout the transition.

Training structure



One-day face-to-face training and coaching designed for the expatriate and their partner, with an online session delivered by a country specialist.

Upon request, afternoon program specifically designed for children.


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